Jun (junengrey) wrote,

this will be the last entry in junengrey for a longer time.
My departure is tomorrow and I'm not even really exited. A little afraid, yes, because I'm too stupid to understand spoken Japanese, but as the office lady from JWU said, I will go there to learn it (but I wonder if she can imagine how bad my Japanese is, reading is okay, but understanding and speaking...? I don't have any clue of grammar <<; I'm currently thinking about taking at least 1 or two of my japanese Language books with me. Or take copies of them tonight.

Even if I said that I'm not really exited, I'm not able to sleep. But that's okay, because there are still some things to do. But I'm nearly finished with my suitcase and bag :D
My camera is loading and I think about what of my Japanese language stuff I shold take with me. I think I will choose Basic Kanji, copies of Genki 2 (and maybe 1 and J301) grammar and my kanji and vocabulary cards of J301. If and only if they fit in my bag, I'm still not sure, because the bag of my camera is so damn big *scratches head*
Maybe I should try to find the books now or there won't be any copies.
What do I learn from this?
Finish my stuff earlier next time =_=;;;

Edit: Wieso kapier ich jetzt dass das Wohnheim nicht auf dem Kampus liegt wie ich bisher dachte? oO
Naja... wenigstens scheint es nicht soooo weit entfernt zu sein, vielleicht kann man das laufen. Aber immerhin wohne ich anscheinend auch in erreichbarer Nähe der Yurakucho-Line = noch eine direkte Anbindung ans Takarazuka neben der Yamanote |D *gnihi*
blah... es ist mittlerweile fast halb fünf und ich sollte gegen 7 wieder aufstehen, weil ich noch en bissel zu tun hab, bevor wir um 9 fahren. =~= Freude.
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