Jun (junengrey) wrote,

Jun's FOR SALE stuff Part 1 of 3

feel free to give the link to others :)

Pamphlet of Keen under the sun-Tour 2004
15 € sold

5 € sold

Deadly Claris Magazine (some Kind of Fan Club mag special), it's a small photobook with a lot of very lovely photos :D
17 € sold

Over the vulgar shudder-Tour pamphlet
10 €

A dead angle - 1st Dir en Grey Photobook (from Type of Deity-Time)
37 € sold

XX - Photobook
40 €

The manipulated live - Ultra Veat Photobook
25 € sold

Ware - Photobook
40 € sold

It withers and withers-Tour Pamphlet
18 € sold

My precious Dir en grey-Fanclub Magazines
They are pretty rare!!
Each one 15~25 € (depends on the volume number)
I'm willing to lower the price if you take all or some of them.
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