Jun (junengrey) wrote,

I seem to neglect my livejournal in the last time.
Less posts than usual and most of them were Takarazuka related or completely nonsense.
If someone wonders why: It's exam time in two weeks and there is so damn much to organize for Japan.
Currently I try to re-organize my room to make it easier to move out. As much as I hated living in this room, I always knew the positive points of living here and I hope that when I'm back in Germany I will be able to find a room or flat which I will like better.
I still have to learn so much for my exams x.x *whines*
Tomorrow I will return to Koblenz for 5 days... tomorrow I have to book my flight to Japan and after microeconomics, I will have to go to 'visit' Mr.Taranzcewski and I'm pretty scared of that. But I have to, so I will.

Aaaaah... that sounds so about-to-become-depressed x__x; It wasn't meant to. It's that at the moment I have to do a lot of things that scare me or are not easy to do, but I have to do those things over and over again and it becomes a bit easier each time. So there's also a positive point in that.

Because I'm moving back to Koblenz I started to throw away a lot of things. It's not easy, but better like that. I can't take all of them with me, and to be true, I dont even need half of them.

hnnn... sorry, that all of this sounds so melancholic x_____X I have to get rid of this feeling. I dont want to go to Japan with this feeling and not more than the hope that the year will be over soon. Sorry to all the people who will say now 'Stupid Jun should be happy to go to Japan', but if you think this way, you have no clue how much strenght I need for everything, how much I worked to go there, how damn expensive it is and how scared I am to go there.
But because I will leave in September all I can do is get rid of my fears.


enough of that.
Takarazuka makes my life brighter *_*
My wishlist of original dvds I have to get becomes longer...
At the moment it's
Hanagumis Endless Flight/The Season of Angels/Applause Takarazuka!
Tsukigumis Ernest in love
Yukigumis The Rose of Versailles ~ Oscar/Andre hen

and there are some shows I at least want to see and decide afterwards if I want to buy them like Takarazuka's Dream Kingdom (Yukigumi), Cocktails a la carte (Hanagumi) and Yukigumi's Elisabeth, because Ichiro's voice kicks ass (*___*~ and I cant imagine her playing Elisabeth x_X but if I look at Asa... she's so great in this role, but's so... not Asa)

By the way, kugelfischli made me buy The Importance of being Earnest by Oscar Wilde, the book Ernest in love is based on. It's so damn great, I grinned half of the time I read and Kiriyan and Asa are *so* Jack and Algernon XD they perfectly fit to these roles!
Spread the Ernest (and Asa |D) love~

and if somebody became curious, have a look at this Video: Ernest proposes to Gwendolyn

I'm currently watching Soragumi's The Rose of Versailles ~ Fersen/Antoinette hen from 2001 and I'm uber-curious to see Oscar/Andre hen ~*_*~ even if it wont be with Saeko and Mizu ;_; *loooves them* and without Wao and Hana T_T okay, the Antoinette/Fersen plot is pretty boring, but I would have loved to see them in Japan and that's... just not possible any more. Same with Saeko ;___;

I'm sad that I'm not in Paris with Chibi now ;___;
*feels an urge to take photos* And dear, you have to cosplay Death for me in Japan once ò_______ó I have to see this costume in real and I have to take photos of it!

And now I will continue tidying my room and maybe write something additional later ^__^
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